The 180 Day Challenge

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The 180 day challenge with dōTERRA

dōTERRA and the challenge; Essential oils have been on earth since time began, but have not been available in as pure and potent form as dōTERRA provides. dōTERRA has so many products from toothpaste to therapeutic essential oils that if you want to start out slowly you can do so. Let’s say you ran out of a few things and were going to the supermarket, laundry soap, toothpaste, multi-vitamins, shampoo and conditioner. Instead of buying them there buy them from dōTERRA. You know your getting wellness products that last longer and are better for you and your lifestyle while not taking money out of your pocket, you would have spent this money anyway at the supermarket. Your just putting your dollars in dōTERRA instead of the grocery store. In a few months you will be well furnished with wellness products that are bettering your life by reducing your toxic load and making you feel and look better, you may even find some additional products along the way that you want to add to your life style.

For the challenge we will do a FREE consult on what your health looks like now and what your health care goals are, then we would do your initial purchase based on your budget. After that you must do a minimum of $50.00 a month.

Taking the challenge will also qualify you to buy at the wholesale level by purchasing a membership for $35.00 or if you invest in a starter kit that fee is waived this is what most people do because of the deep savings . The starter kits start as low as $150.00 and provide you with the 10 most popular oils that can manage just about any symptom you may have to starter kits that have every product dōTERRA has to offer.

After the 180 days are up we will do a check in and another FREE consult and compare the two to see how you felt when you started the challenge to how you feel at the end. The results will amaze you.

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