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Biblical Oils Frankincense & Myrrh


Biblical Oils Frankincense & Myrrh

Frankincense and Myrrh are about the most ‘Biblical’ oils there are. Here is some information about the use of these oils.
 Frankincense – The damaged bark exudes a gum that is then steam distilled. May be known as Olibanum. This oil has been used for over 5000 years in rituals, offerings and for spiritual healing. Used as an inhalant for meditating and when connecting with the divine. Used to cleanse the aura and psychic planes. Frankincense is the anointing and protecting oil of ancient times. Frankincense can be added to a facial oil blend for aged skin to smooth wrinkles. As an inhalant it eases shortness of breath, soothes bronchitis and pleurisy. Frankincense is often used in a perfume because it is a fixative and because it adds a roundness and fullness to a scent that can be unique and difficult to identify.Myrrh – An incision in the bark produces the exudation of an oleoresin which is then steam distilled. Myrrh sold under the botanical name Commiphora myrrha may be a mixture of resins from a few species of trees. Preserves and purifies. 100% Myrrh is valuable for healing ulcers and inflamed skin. Myrrh is very viscous and could clog the capillaries of a diffusor so clean your diffuser regularity. It is best used in a duftlamp if it is to be inhaled for its tranquilizing properties. Can be added to a skin care preparation or as a rub in alcohol. This is one of the most ancient essential oils.
Dreaming with a mixture of the two; If you are really tired these oils blended will help you get into a deeper sleep.
However, bear in mind that both frankincense and myrhh have been used in incense for centuries – including in christian churches – asthey are both said to be good for meditation. Frankincense slows, calms and deepens the breathing and has a soothing effect on the mind. Myrrh is also calming and is thought by some to enhance spirituality.
The content of dreams is the subject of your subconcious, & I don’t think we have to necessarily take them literally – but I’m no dream interpreter! And I don’t think you should be worried that essential oils are inconsistent with Christianity. I don’t think they are – after all what were 2 of the presents given to the baby Jesus?

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