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Exceptional dōTERRA CPTG Oils To Keep In Your Home

CTPG-Exceptional-Safe-empowering-Simple Essential oils for you to have in your home
The Top Exceptional CPTG dōTERRA Essential Oils and Their Benefits


This Exceptional dōTERRA CPTG essential oil helps heal skin irritations and can be used for all skin types. It can cleanse cuts and scrapes, and also calms down stressed skin. Relaxes you to help you sleep, helps to heal burns and cuts, great for hair, bug repellent, treats acne, treats pain, stimulates urine flow, treats respiratory disorders, improved blood circulation, aids in digestion, prevention of some cancers, boosts immune system, treats eczema.


Geranium is an exceptional and versatile dōTERRA CPTG essential oil that balances oil production, conditions skin and is great for all skin types. Geranium can be added to moisturizers to help with over and under production of oil. Can be used as an astringent, prevents bacterial growth, helps healing, reduces scars, prevents hemorrhaging, prevents cell health, reduces stress, helps with relaxation, deodorant, restricts blood flow, Prevents Neural Degeneration, acts as a tonic, eliminates intestinal worms, post menopause, dermatitis, anxiety.



If you are treating aging skin, have elasticity issues, or need to regenerate skin cells, frankincense is your ideal dōTERRA CPTG essential oil. It can help with pigmentation, as well as tone and tighten skin. Boosts immune system, improves oral health, used as an astringent, used as wrinkle prevention, regulates menstruation, prevents gas buildup, reduces scars, helps with digestion, delays aging, acts as a tonic, helps improve shine in hair, reduces repertory issues, reduces stress, keeps uterus healthy, speeds up healing.



The uses for Melaleuca/ tree tree dōTERRA CPTG essential oil are countless. A few of them include its anti fungal and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This means it’s a first choice for acneic and oily skin. Tea tree oil can also treat minor cuts and scrapes. Great for oily hair, prevents Feas and ticks, bug prevention, antiviral, provides relief from cough, cold, bronchitis and congestion, Insecticide, stimulant, antiseptic, Sudorific, increase hygiene, ear infections, acne control.


Clary Sage

Various benefits to skin health can be observed when using clary sage. It not only can fight the signs of aging and reduce puffiness, but it also regulates production of oil for both dry and oily skin. Calms and soothes the nerves, fights depression, reduces convulsions, relieves spasms, prevents bacterial infections, prevents infections, stimulates sexual desires, prevents hair loss, excellent skin care, reduces flatulence, regulates menstruation, relieves depression, lowers blood pressure, lowers inflammation, eliminates bad odor, promotes digestion, boosts uterus health, reduces stomach disorder.



Improves Digestion when your stomach is feeling quezzy and is great for breath and oral health. Dental care, nail care, relieves headaches and migraines, reduces stress, gives you the feeling of energy, reduces stress, and relieves spasms. Treats urinary tract infections, treats respiratory problems, reduces pain, increases blood circulation, scalp care and helps with mild acne.



Reduces pores and tighten the skin. Relieves stress, boosts immune system, preventative of cancers, treats asthma, regulates sleep, can be used in cooking and in water for flavor. Treat’s stomach disorders, hair care to close the cuticle down prevents color loss, weight loss, and reduces fever, skin care.



Treats respiratory conditions, anti inflammatory properties, prevents infection, can be used for cooking, anti fungal properties, prevents viral infections, acts as anti-parasitic, prevents cancer, anti-allergenic, promotes digestion, antioxidant, can heal E.coli, Candidaalbicans, salmonella, listeria, staphylococcus and more. Good for cough and bronchitis, ear infections, toe nail fungus, for aging, takes away warts, help fight the herpes virus, cold sores, arthritis joint pain and muscle pain.


dōTERRA  Deep Blue Blend

This blue essential oil is helpful for soothing sore muscles and achy joints. Use it pre or post work out for a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth, top problem areas and to support healthy circulation to muscles and joints. Use after work or working out to relieve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, helps heals faster.

dōTERRA  Breathe Blend

Breathe essential oil will help you do just that –breathe easier. This exceptional blend was designed to maintain clear airways and breathing and it does a great job of supporting over all respiratory health. It also helps minimize the effect of seasonal threats – I can’t do without it once everything starts blooming.

dōTERRA DigestZen Blend

This dōTERRA blend is one oil I never leave home without, especially if I’m planning on eating out. Just put a couple of drops in your water at the table and your good to go. DigestZen aids in the digestion of foods, soothes occasional stomach upset and maintains a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Helps with queezyness, burping and gas.

doTERRA OnGuard Blend

This special dōTERRA blend is excellent at supporting healthy immune function – rub a drop on the bottoms of your feet each day. You can also diffuse it aromatically to protect against environmental threats and purify the air. It will ward away infections, relieve colds; heal colds, great for coughs, excellent for over all health.This comes in convenient beadlets too, so you can easily take it orally if you don’t have water close by. Start using during the onset of flu season.

To learn more about how to use the dōTERRA CPTG essential oils for specific symptoms please call me at 503. 975. 3986 I would love to help

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