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Holistic Approach To Health

Holistic-Holistic Approach To Health-Alternative to western medicine

Holistic Approach To Health

Holistic medicine is a general approach to health care; it is based on the concept that health is a result of harmony between the body, mind and soul and that continued stress, be it physical, psychological, or social is detrimental to maintaining good health.

The body naturally heals itself every day. A cut or a broken bone will draw a specific response from many parts of the body to perform different tasks to effect healing. No single part of the body can work alone. The body is a complex network of nerves, with the brain as the control center which coordinates and monitors every function. The body operates much like a machine with many component parts which perform daily to maintain blood circulation, correct fluid levels which contain enzymes and nutrients to keep it working efficiently. The individual body components require ENERGY to function. Food provides (fuel) to the cells allowing them to perform their intricate tasks. All components must work in unison to bring the systems back into balance.

Holistic healing modalities such as Reflexology, Massage, and the use of dōTERRA Essential Oils help to synchronize the timing of the separate components to bring the body back into balance (HOMEOSTASIS). For Example – In Reflexology the feet and hands are seen as a microcosm of the body with all the organ and glands arranged respectively. Reflexology links the reflex points of the feet and hands to the vertical pathways or zones of the body.

As mentioned previously, all the holistic processes that take place at the cellular level require energy. The energy transfer, which is the basis of Reflexology, Massage, dōTERRA Essential Oils Etc., allows the body’s integrated systems to achieve homeostasis. The definition of energy is “power”, “vitality”, or “force”. In physics, the definition of energy is the work a physical system is capable of doing. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it CAN change form. The body utilizes electrical and chemical forms of energy. Energy- “CHI”, (life force), or “PRANA”, (breathe of life), is continually circulating throughout the body. At the cellular level, energy is necessary for survival. We draw energy from the food we eat which powers the cell, which needs its own energy to function. It is at this much deeper bionic level of energy that the metabolic processes of the cells are maintained. Essential Oils play a big part in the recovery of such cells.

At the neurological level, the brain, the complex computing control system, regulates the function of the body. This is usually performed by the hypothalamus, pituitary, and the medulla oblongata. As the source of conscience awareness and thought processes, it is also a motor center which initiates and coordinates voluntary movement of the body. The brain interprets all incoming information received from the sensory organs and responds by releasing hormones targeted for specific muscles, glands or other parts of the nervous system so each will function properly.

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