Make-and-Take Party

Make-Take and Make Party-essential oils-Aromatherapy necklace

Make-and-Take Party

Adding a make-and-take to your dōTERRA educational classes or presentations can be both fun and profitable. A make-and-take can be its own class or something you add on to an existing presentation.

What is a Make-and-Take?

A make-and-take is a hands-on activity where your attendees put together something they can take home with them to use. Recently, I held a make-and-take as part of an intro to essential oils class. The class attendees were able to put together some oil blends in roller bottles and take them home. It is a great way to get oils into people’s hands and get them using them right away. Another one I did was I f=got these fun cages felt balls and a necklace and we made aromatherapy Necklace.

What are the benefits of a make-and-take?

  1. Make-and-takes are fun. People like to get involved, do hands-on activities, and make something useful to take home.
  2. Make-and-takes are an extra draw to your presentation. I have found that people who have attended the class before will come again just because they want to do the make-and-take. They always learn something new, and it gets people using the oils.
  3. Make-and-takes are a great way to give people the opportunity to try new products. It introduces them to oils they have never used or purchased before. Hopefully, they will love them and begin purchasing them on their own.
  4. Make-and-takes help educate people on different ways they can integrate the oils into their daily life.

How does adding a make-and-take to a class work?

  1. I always charge a fee for the make-and-take. Depending on what I’m going to make, I figure out the cost of the container, the cost of the oils, and the cost of the carrier oil. I use a breakdown of each of the oils and how much per drop each oil is. This helps me figure out the cost.
  2. You can collect the fee ahead of time from the people you have invited. Collecting the fee ahead of time helps people commit to attending the event, but it can also be a lot of work. Usually, I let people pay at the class. When they RSVP, they let me know how many items they want to make so I know how many materials to have on hand.
  3. For the roller bottle class, I set up areas for each of the blends. I placed each of the oils used in the individual blends together along with a tent card that told them how many drops of each oil to put in the bottle.
  4. I also provided labels for their roller bottles so that they will know what each one contains.

Customize your make-and-takes to the time of year. An allergy blend is good to offer in the summer months, and a cough blend is helpful during the cold and flu season. There are lots of roller bottle recipes available on the Internet, or if you have some blends that work well for you—use those! There are so many possibilities!

The key to the perfect make-and-take is keeping it simple enough so that anyone can do it. Provide recipes for things that everyone uses, like soaps and lotions. They will be sure to be a huge hit.

Just add your favorite scent to a plain lotion or hand soap. There are a variety of scents that can be used. Try a few out to see what smells best. Wild Orange is very versatile, is uplifting, has great benefits, and can be paired with just about anything. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Wild orange + Vetiver
  • Wild Orange + Peppermint
  • Peppermint + Rosemary
  • Lavender + Lemon + Wild Orange
  • Wild Orange + Ginger


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