Working With dōTERRA an Me

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Working With doTERRA an Me

Welcome to our team of dōTERRA Essential Oil Educators. Team Wilde is a group of powerful, compassionate visionary entrepreneurs that have come together to change the world one drop at a time. By sharing the profound and inspiring gifts of dōTERRA essential oils with our communities, we are creating massive change in our global healthcare experience. In addition, we empower individuals with an exciting and limitless opportunity to generate income with their very own dōTERRA Essential Oil Business.

Become a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and see a vast opportunity laid before you. Make some real cash, bonuses, earn free product and get free products and even get shipping charges reimbursed. I will show you real time numbers based on August 2017 and this will make it real for you. I will show you how to work the program and within a few months the opportunity for you to be bringing in over $2000.00 a month or more will be real. There is real money to be made with this company when worked right. It isn’t a fade or trend either this is a lifestyle.

dōTERRA enjoys a 68% retention rate, compared to a direct selling industry average near 10 percent. After joining dōTERRA, 68% of all customers reorder, continue to share dōTERRA products, or build a dōTERRA business. Why?
  1. Customers and Wellness Advocates are satisfied with product value
  2. High satisfaction levels lead to a desire to share products and success with others
  3. Product sales leaders recognize the value of dōTERRA’s powerful compensation plan

Would you like to create a home based business that allows you not only free time but financial freedom?

Would you like to use your creative abilities to make the world a better place?

Would you like to be a part of a community of global change makers?

If the answer is yes, we would love to speak with you about joining our tribe of dōTERRA Essential Oil Educators. Please fill out this application and one of my team members will contact you.

What you can expect when you join our team…

  • Coaching by my amazing dōTERRA leadership team. We are here to help you make your dreams come true!
  • Access to our weekly calls, webinars and training’s.
  • Access to our password-protected team training website.
  • Access to our private team Facebook groups where you’ll learn how to use your oils and build your dōTERRA essential oil business.
  • The ability to get the deepest discounts possible on dōTERRA essential oils & products.
  • The opportunity to create real residual income from a very legitimate home-based business.


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